Welcome to the Keg Watch SPA-Trak system.  The aim of the system is to help you find or clear your containers and get them back into the brewing process as soon as possible.  Both breweries and wholesalers have alien casks taking space in their yards and depriving you of the valuable asset that containers represent.  The main barrier to resolving this problem is getting the information to the people who can gather and return these containers.  This is where SPA-Trak comes in.

SPA-Trak is an online database of containers. You enter the details of all the ‘foreign’ containers that are currently in your yard, identified by brewery. Having entered these details they will become visible to the breweries in question. You can, conversely, locate the whereabouts of your containers – since the other breweries and wholesalers registered in the system are telling SPA-Trak about your containers in their yards.

Keg Watch members have access to the system. For any problems, please contact us.