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User Guidelines - Police Guidelines

This guideline can be read online or downloaded here as an Adobe PDF file for printing.

This guideline can be viewed as an online presentation here.

Containers always remain the property of the owning brewer or container owner, whose name is normally found on the upper surface. Most containers also have colour coded markings as an additional means of identification.

Containers are never sold as scrap when unserviceable they are destroyed by authorised destruction agents.  A record of these agents is kept by Keg Watch and the British Beer & Pub Association.

Stolen aluminium containers are usually smelted those made from stainless steel are normally destroyed by crushing, shearing, baling or fragmenting.

Some containers have a stainless steel tube down the centre which survives the smelting process. This is known as a "spear". When these are found on any premises it is good evidence that smelting has been taking place.

Experienced industry security managers are available to assist officers and provide evidence of ownership.

Vehicles stopped by officers and found to be carrying beer containers should always have supporting paperwork.

The industry will arrange collection for all containers which find their way into police custody for whatever reason, including those found "at risk" or apparently abandoned.



A collection of kegs in obvious disorder

Spears from stolen kegs


Crushed Kegs
Crushed kegs awaiting disposal

An illicit smelter

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