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Press Info

Press Release 16th December 2014
Keg Watch calls for Awareness of Abandoned Beer Kegs in Scotland

The trade association reinforces message for vigilance as regards lost, abandoned or misplaced beer kegs, casks and gas cylinders. Full Story>>

Press Release 16th December 2014
Keg Watch Launch Service in Northern Ireland

The brewing trade association extends to Northern Ireland and calls for awareness of all lost, abandoned or misplaced beer kegs, casks and gas cylinders. Full Story>>

Keg Watch in the News: The Lincolnite, 15th November 2014
Police on ‘keg watch’ after Lincolnshire pub burglaries

A police operation to tackle continued thefts of aluminium kegs has resulted in a joint agency recovery operation in Lincoln. Full Story>>

Press Release 13th March 2012
Four-year Probe to Smash Metal Theft Gang

Seven men convicted of a variety of serious criminal offences connected with theft and handling of stolen keg and cask containers. Full Story>>

Press Release 16th January 2012
Police seize 1,000 beer kegs in London

Following intelligence received police in Haringey on Friday 13 January 2012, seized 1,000 aluminium beer kegs worth £75,000. Full Story>>

Press Release 22nd July 2009
Hands Off Our Beer Keg's Warn UK Brewers

The British Beer & Pub Association has issued a firm “hands off “ warning to beer keg thieves after 12 men were committed to the Crown Court by West Bromwich Magistrates connection with offences associated with a £9 million conspiracy to steal metal beer kegs. Full Story>>

Press Release 14th February 2009
Scrap dealer jailed for role in keg thefts

FORMER scrap merchant Christopher Armstrong has been jailed for eight months for handling tens of thousands of pounds worth of stolen goods. Full Story>>

Press Release 14th January 2008
Scrap man hit by fine

A scrap dealer has become the first in the Black Country to be prosecuted under a new crackdown on metal theft after 15 stolen beer kegs were recovered from his business. Full Story>>

Press Release 4th January 2007
Kegs a Steel at £50m

You might not know this, but the price of scrap metal is at an all time high. Stainless steel scrap can fetch about £1300 per metric tonne, aluminium scrap about £800 on the open market. Full Story>>

Press Release 19th September 2006
Summerskills Go Secure

In May this year Carl Beeson who owns and operates Summerskills Brewery in Plymouth suffered a devastating blow. He was ready to rack 400 gallons of bitter into his casks when he found out that 50 of his population of casks had been stolen. Full Story>>

Press Release 16th June 2006
The Work of Keg Watch Limited

The loss of kegs, casks and dispense gas cylinders (containers) is a continuing problem for brewers, container owners and dispense gas suppliers. This problem is now exaggerated by the high demand for metals, especially stainless steel, for China and the Far East, with stainless steel being the preferred material for kegs and casks. These containers are seen as an easy target for theft and destruction due to their high scrap value. Over the years brewers have launched a number of initiatives that have had the effect of reducing losses although these are still considerable at many millions of pounds per year. Full Story>>

Press Release 23rd February 2005
Extending "Thieves Target Kegs & Casks!"

Due to the current high price and high demand of stainless steel, kegs and casks are once again a favoured target for theft.

Over the past few months the number of keg and cask (container) thefts reported to Keg Watch have increased dramatically. Thieves will strike at any time of the day or night and will take any number of containers, using curtain sided articulated vehicles if they need to. The problem is not isolated to one particular area but is being reported from locations right across the United Kingdom. Full Story>>

Press Release 1st April 2004
Extending "Spreading the Word"

As Keg Watch strives to continually improve its effectiveness and service to its members a new sponsorship agreement has been finalised with Leigh Centurions Rugby League Football Club who play at Hilton Park, Leigh, Lancashire in the National League 1. Leigh are favoured for promotion to the Tetley Super League and are subject to a great deal of media interest. Full Story>>

Press Release 24th January 2004
Spreading the Word

Keg Watch Limited continues to meet its aim of providing members with a cost effective and efficient container recovery and repatriation scheme in an ever-changing industry.

To further improve its effectiveness Keg Watch is now spreading the word in the public domain. During 2003 Keg Watch undertook a major awareness initiative on the rail network. Large posters were placed at key railway stations across the United Kingdom alerting the travelling general public to the problem of keg theft and misappropriation. To take this awareness initiative one stage further Keg Watch has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Widnes Vikings Rugby League Club who play in the Carlsberg Tetley Super League. This is aimed at the sporting general public and with the Super Leagues exposure on Sky TV and the general interest in rugby as a sport since the great success of the England Rugby Union team it should have a major impact. Full Story>>

Press Release 26th October 2003
Recovering Stolen and Lost Containers

The loss of brewer's containers (kegs, casks and gas cylinders) has troubled the industry for many years. Kegs and casks are constructed from aluminium or stainless steel and have been seen as an easy target for theft and destruction for their scrap value. Subsequent sale of the metal has reaped huge rewards for organised thieves involved in this crime and evidence has shown that this money has then been used to finance more serious forms of crime. In an effort to combat this problem, brewers have launched a number of initiatives over the years all of which have had the effect of more than halving the losses that were suffered in the mid 1980s. However they are still costing the industry many millions of pounds each year. Full Story>>



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