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Press Info

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Press Release
26th October 2003

Recovering Stolen and Lost Containers

The loss of brewer's containers (kegs, casks and gas cylinders) has troubled the industry for many years. Kegs and casks are constructed from aluminium or stainless steel and have been seen as an easy target for theft and destruction for their scrap value. Subsequent sale of the metal has reaped huge rewards for organised thieves involved in this crime and evidence has shown that this money has then been used to finance more serious forms of crime. In an effort to combat this problem, brewers have launched a number of initiatives over the years all of which have had the effect of more than halving the losses that were suffered in the mid 1980s. However they are still costing the industry many millions of pounds each year.

Keg Watch Limited is a Trade Association whose aim is to further improve the recovery of brewer's containers by liaison with the licensed trade, beer wholesalers and pub companies. This communication and contact will endeavour to identify containers that have fallen outside the normal distribution process. In this situation they are classified as being 'at risk' to theft for scrap by being smelted/crushed or misappropriated. There is also the potential for use as receptacles for holding liquids such as petrol or diesel, buoys for mooring boats or even cut in half and used as plant pots.

Keg Watch Limited is funded voluntarily by the Brewing Industry and has around 300 members ranging from micro to international brewers, cider makers and the major suppliers of dispense gas. Managed by a Board comprising of brewing and allied trades security specialists, the aims of the Association are to repatriate 'at risk' containers in the most effective manner and at the cheapest possible cost to their owners. Furthermore Keg Watch Ltd aims to assist the industry in improving the returns process and consequently reduce the need to manufacture replacement containers, thus saving owners the cost of replacing these valuable assets and, at the same time alleviating the effect that the manufacturing process has on the environment.

High importance is attached to liaison with police forces and other Government agencies where criminal activity is suspected in respect of containers or ancillary property. Keg Watch Ltd will provide advice and expert witnesses and assistance to members in the pursuance of prosecutions and recovery of stolen or misappropriated containers. Keg Watch Limited will provide advertising, press releases, helplines and other useful information and material for the prevention of theft and recovery of containers and other brewery property.

Keg Watch Limited operates Keg Line which is a confidential 24 hour freephone number 0808 100 1945 and a web site www.kegwatch.co.uk for use by any person having knowledge or information regarding containers which are, in their opinion, 'at risk' or ultimately likely to be subject to theft/misappropriation.


Editor’s Note

Further information can be found by contacting Keg Watch Limited either by telephoning 0808 100 1945 or by visiting the web site www.kegwatch.co.uk.



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