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Press Info

This press release can be read online or downloaded here as an Adobe PDF file.

Press Release
24 January 2004

Spreading the Word

Keg Watch Limited continues to meet its aim of providing members with a cost effective and efficient container recovery and repatriation scheme in an ever-changing industry.

To further improve its effectiveness Keg Watch is now spreading the word in the public domain. During 2003 Keg Watch undertook a major awareness initiative on the rail network. Large posters were placed at key railway stations across the United Kingdom alerting the travelling general public to the problem of keg theft and misappropriation. To take this awareness initiative one stage further Keg Watch has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Widnes Vikings Rugby League Club who play in the Carlsberg Tetley Super League. This is aimed at the sporting general public and with the Super Leagues exposure on Sky TV and the general interest in rugby as a sport since the great success of the England Rugby Union team it should have a major impact.

The need to recover and repatriate ‘at risk’ containers is as great as ever. No Keg Watch member, large or small wants to purchase new containers unnecessarily.

High importance has always been attached to liaison with police forces and other Government agencies where criminal activity is suspected in respect of containers or brewers ancillary property and this contact will continue. In addition, Government and Environmental Agencies are continuing to monitor the brewing industry with regards to Packaging Regulations and other issues relating to the control and recovery of containers and the impact of abandoned containers on the environment. As well as the recovery of containers, our agents have also been instructed to recover ‘Chep’ and ‘Euro’ pallets, locator boards and cases, wherever they are deemed to be ‘at risk’ of loss to the owner.

As other initiatives are developed updates will appear on our web site so please visit this regularly and watch out for those ‘at risk’ containers and let us know if you see any.

Keg Watch Limited operates Keg Line which is a confidential 24 hour freephone number 0808 100 1945 and a web site www.kegwatch.co.uk for use by any person having knowledge or information regarding containers which are, in their opinion, 'at risk' or ultimately likely to be subject to theft/misappropriation.


Editor’s Note

Further information can be found by contacting Keg Watch Limited either by telephoning 0808 100 1945 or by visiting the web site www.kegwatch.co.uk.


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