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Press Info

This press release can be read online or downloaded here as an Adobe PDF file (11k).

Press Release
19th September 2006


In May this year Carl Beeson who owns and operates Summerskills Brewery in Plymouth suffered a devastating blow. He was ready to rack 400 gallons of bitter into his casks when he found out that 50 of his population of casks had been stolen.

Carl knew that the brewing industry had a serious problem with the theft of kegs and casks due to the increase in demand for stainless steel and aluminium in China and India, but he did not think that his brewery would be targeted by cask thieves. On reporting the crime to the police they told him that it was very unlikely that he would see those casks again due to the speed with which they are destroyed by the criminal fraternity.

Carl now keeps his casks in a steel secure unit which was supplied by Wernick Hire. The hiring of the unit costs Carl about four pints of real ale a week. Wernick Hire have 27 depots around Britain and they can be contacted by phoning 0800 51 55 55.

If you have any information regarding the theft or misappropriation of kegs, casks or dispense gas cylinders then please contact Keg Watch on freephone number 0808 100 1945 or email. Your call or email will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Editor’s Note

Further information can be found by contacting Keg Watch Limited either by telephoning 0808 100 1945 or by visiting the web site www.kegwatch.co.uk.


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